More than 400 Ticas donated their hair to a foundation that fights Breast Cancer

FUNDESO took advantage of the fact that many people did not go to beauty salons and launched a campaign that invited people to donate their hair

A few months ago, the National Solidarity Foundation against Breast Cancer (FUNDESO) took advantage of the confinement measures that caused many people to stop going to the beauty salon and launched a campaign that invited people to donate their hair. Through this call, FUNDESO received the donation of 434 hair tails, which will be used to make wigs for women suffering from breast cancer.

“We are grateful and very surprised by the positive response from people, not to forget that hair donation can make a difference in other people’s lives. Girls, women and even men, all signed up for this significant donation for those who have undergone chemotherapy processes,” said María Eugenia Meoño, president of the foundation.

The request for a donation was made asking to maintain correct handling of the hair, as well as that it be delivered in a sealed bag, to keep it in good condition. FUNDESCO will carry out another collection campaign in October, within the framework of the month of the fight against breast cancer.

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