How Can Costa Rican Companies Operating in Australia Find the Top Criminal Record Check Services?

In July 2016, a man in New Zealand was found to have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company’s funds to his private account. Guess what? 10 years ago, he defrauded his former employer of over $1 million. Had the new employer taken the time to do a criminal history check, they would have known of his past fraudulent activities and would have made a better hiring decision.

For international businesses like Costa Rican companies operating in Australia, the need for trustworthiness is even stronger because such businesses may have a limited understanding of the local cultural landscape. But by hiring the right kind of people, the business can thrive. That’s why criminal record checks are a must.

Criminal history checks provide better insight into an applicant. For instance, a person who has been convicted for multiple violence or is a sex offender will pose a threat to workplace safety. So, it’s important to know beforehand so employers can stay away from such people.

But how can international companies find the top criminal record services in Australia? In this post, we’re going to explore some of the key attributes of a great criminal record check service that can be used to obtain accredited police checks – Australian national character check Australia.


In today’s hiring world, speed is very important. Luckily, police checks can easily be obtained online through the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission database. Many of the criminal record check services are licensed to make use of that database. Consequently, the result is typically available within 1 to 3 business days.


While speed is quite common, not all criminal record check services are efficient. When inputting the applicant’s data into the system, there must be no typos or mistakes. If not, the system returns a report for another person. Making a hiring decision on a wrong record is a recipe for disaster. Even if the mistake is identified, rectifying it lengthens the overall process, which is undesirable.

That’s why sticking to a criminal record check service that enforces the highest level of meticulousness is important for fast and efficient results.

Flexibility and Support

There’s a pretty good chance that more than one kind of check will be carried out on each applicant to make a holistic decision. If that’s the case, using a background check service that offers criminal history checks in addition to other kinds of verification – like employment and education verification, credit history, and more – can be a time saver. This enables international companies to kill multiple birds with a stone.

Moreover, a flexible service allows employers to define the kind of screening checks they want. And with good support, it makes the entire process easier. So, international companies should also watch out for that.


For international companies operating in Australia, it’s extremely prudent for them to work with the best criminal record check service so they can obtain correct information that will guide in their hiring decisions.

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