Marijuana Chocolates confiscated in Alajuela

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    A man selling chocolates and bonbons made from marijuana was detained yesterday in Alajuela by the public police force.

    According to comments from the speaker of the Ministry of Security, “Officials from the police force that maintain patrols on streets and neighbourhoods in Alajuela were surprised last night upon finding a man with a load of marijuana infused chocolates and bonbons”.

    This was confirmed this morning by the regional director of the police force, Commissioner Randall Picada Jimenez, who specified that the arrest was registered in the community of Itiquis, an Alajuelan district of San Isidro.

    Thanks to confidential informants within the police force, they were able to locate the man supposedly dedicated to the preparation of these chocolates and bonbons.

    According to Commissioner Picado, the agents, specifically trained for these types of situations, perceived an unusual aroma in the chocolates and bonbons and immediately coordinated actions with the drug enforcement police (PCD).

    “They conducted tests established for these situations and confirmed that the chocolates contained marijuana, a danger to the health of citizens. The man was detained immediately for transfer to the district attorney’s office”, confirmed the police chief.

    The detained individual’s last name is Thomas, he is Costa Rican, 24 year olds, and does not have any previous criminal record.

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