Lymphocytes Are Responsible for Creating The Immune Defense

Lymphocytes Are Responsible for Creating The Immune Defense.

Having an immune system strengthened is indispensable throughout our existence, and in times of pandemics such as the one that is now going through the world, it becomes even more necessary.

Lymphocytes (part of the white blood cells) are the body’s cellular system responsible for carrying out immune defense. These ubiquitous cells circulate in the blood, populating the spleen, lymph nodes, and marrow. It should be noted that lymphocytes are divided into two types: B and T.

Those in group B secrete certain proteins, which fight microbes, viruses, and their toxins. T-lymphocytes also play a very important role in the body’s immune defense. They form in the central organ of the immune system: the thymus.

Many years ago, the mysterious function of this gland found in the thoracic cavity was discovered. Its greatest development is reached at the moment of the person’s birth and it works more or less actively in the first years of life.

Its dimensions decrease with time, and towards old age it completely atrophies.

It must be said that the B-lymphocyte cannot work alone, that is, without the T-lymphocytes. For a comprehensive immune defense to emerge in man, the two groups must help each other. They permanently go through the whole organism looking for other bodies, be they microbes, viruses or degenerate own cells.

When foreign antigens appear, lymphocytes synthesize antibodies that defend the body.

Means that stimulate the synthesis of antibodies

High/Low Lymphocyte Count + Functions & How to Normalize - SelfHackedA few years ago at the Muscovite Institute of Biophysics, a search and selection method was developed to stimulate the synthesis of antibodies.

The most interesting and unexpected results were obtained in the investigations carried out together with a group of chemists. As a result of the inequality of certain polymeric combinations (polycations or polyanions) to the rats, it stimulates the secretion of T and B lymphocytes by the thymus and the medulla respectively. The effectiveness of the interaction of these groups increases tens of times.

In addition, it was discovered that in the organism of the animals to which the thymus had been surgically removed, acute T-lymphocyte insufficiency immediately occurred, and despite normal B-lymphocytes, they could not produce antibodies.

Meanwhile, the polymers injected into these animals guaranteed the production of antibodies in the course of the experiment; In other words, they assumed the role of T-lymphocytes.

As noted above, the aging of the body causes the thymus to atrophy. This leads to a sharp reduction in T-lymphocytes, which explains the frequent diseases suffered by older people.

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The discovery of new vaccination principles that stimulate the formation of T-lymphocytes will surely help to fight not only stubborn infections, but also many diseases, including cancer.

There is an opinion among biologists that cancer develops as a result of poor immune defense due to acute T-lymphocyte insufficiency.

The essence of these new principles is to inject the antigens of these diseases into the molecules of the synthetic polymers. For this, the preparation must be linked to a polyanion or polycation molecule.

Synthetic vaccines will surely appear at any time, combining the Pasteur principle with a new one that involves the transformation of an organism of weak reaction into a strong one.

These powerful vaccines will determine to a significant degree the prophylactic trends of the medicine of the future. The fields of its use are infinite.

We have seen the indispensable role that B and T lymphocytes play in strengthening our immune system. As long as the presence of these remains in our organism, we will stay strengthened before the threats of the viruses that revolve around us.


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