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    Costa Rica is the hub of commerce for many foreign visitors from all over. The country usually receives tourists from the United States, Canada, the UK and other English speaking countries. When they come, most of them have a hard time trying to communicate with the ticos because they don’t know Spanish or they just can’t understand it. This is the pet peeve of every English speaker who has never taken a Spanish book.

    As usual, some vacationers come to Costa Rica with a survival Spanish book from which they learn some phrases, expressions, verbs and words that are useful when getting around the cities. But, let’s keep it real, those books can be lifesavers on some occasions, yet they don’t make a conversation be natural and fluent enough. For that reason, being Costa Rica the paradise for many Americans and Canadians, the country has gotten full of many institutes for foreigners to learn Spanish for any purpose.

    Why is it important to learn Spanish in Costa Rica?

    • Costa Rica is close to the United States

    Costa Rica is relatively close to America; hence many tourists find the country as a good destination. It is important to say that the Ticos’ land is the preferred destination of many American and Canadian retirees. According to some studies, there are more foreigners living steadily in the Central American paradise than Costa Rican citizens living in the US and Canada. If you intend to stay for long, you will need some online Spanish classes to get around Costa Rica without a problem.

    • For startups and entrepreneurs in general

    If you are a foreigner that has been attracted by the benefits of living in Costa Rica, then you should consider taking a Spanish course to facilitate the process. Being a Canadian or an American businessperson will open gates here in Costa Rica but there’s a difference between a monolingual entrepreneur and a bilingual one. The monolingual hires an interpreter and translator to do the job for him. He spends large amounts of money on something he can avoid by getting committed to learning Spanish.

    On the other side, a bilingual businessperson has the opportunity to reach further much faster. He’s able to communicate with other entrepreneurs much easier and doing business will no longer be interfered or hindered by the lack of fluent interpretation or translation. Plus, a bilingual manager can offer and host conferences in the second language which sound more attractive to local companies.

    • For school purposes

    There are more and more youngsters coming from English-speaking countries to learn Spanish. Learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is a unique experience considering learning comes from native speakers. Children and teens tend to be quicker to grasp the knowledge of a second language which is very beneficial as they can become part of the eventual school exchanges. Another thing to point out is that many American schools concentrating their attention on Spanish due to Latin immigration from the Central American region.

    Spanish school in Santo Domingo, Heredia

    This is the list of the schools where you can enjoy the great experience of learning Spanish, the second most spoken language (demographically speaking):

    For more info or HELP please CONTACT US

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