Live the experience of Venturing into a Volcanic rock Cenote in Huetar territory

Located in Puriscal is a small roofless Cenote that is a geological wonder

In the Huetar indigenous territory, there is Tabacari, in Spanish “Santuario de las Aguas” (Water sanctuary), a beautiful cavern covered by a lush forest where the force of the water eroded the volcanic rock over thousands of years and created this spectacular site. The walls of these natural places stand out for their bright colors in orange and red, its small waterfalls that function as natural spas for hydric massages.

The best hours to visit are between 11 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, as the sun brings out the colors on the rock walls. The walk can be done by most people since the distance is short and is classified for beginners and intermediates.

2 and 4-kilometer routes are carried out on dirt and gravel roads in the middle of nature trails where physical activity is enhanced. The site is located on a private farm, so your entry is made exclusively with the Ruta de Montañas Costa Rica group.

“This small Cenote is located on a private estate so respect for this magical place is to be maintained, we have kept it clean and intact and that is why we only groups of between 10 and 15 people can enter at a time, the idea is that there is a minimum impact,” said the Tour guide.

Part of the tour encourages hikers to visit the communities and consume their delicious natural products in their friendly establishments. The suggestion is to have breakfast at a soda in Tabacari and have lunch at a local pizzeria, where you can change your clothes. Note: Due to the pandemic, each person is responsible for bringing their hygiene items.

Important information about the tour

• Preferably wear comfortable, quick-drying long pants, bring a camera, shoes must be comfortable and should be able to get wet, don´t forget a small backpack.

• Snack for the hike is recommended.

• Bring enough water, energy bars, moisturizer, sunscreen, lipstick, hat, cap and sunglasses, and wipes.

• Take along change clothes and shoes.

• Personal documents: Identity card, and if you travel alone, give the person in charge of the group’s attendant a telephone number in case of emergency to locate a relative.

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