Legalizing Hemp Plantations in Costa Rica will present many Difficulties declares the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

President Carlos Alvarado included as one of his few economic reactivations plans the support for the planting of hemp. But within the government itself, the plan is being whipped. “We will promote the cultivation of hemp to reactivate the productive sector, with all the guarantees and security of the case,” said Alvarado in his annual speech in the Assembly, just 6 months ago.


Now, when the deputies advance knowledge about this subject, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock justifies that the plan would have a variety of obstacles. “Legalizing the plantation of marijuana in the country and the difficulties in controlling it would promote activities by organized criminals,” Minister Renato Alvarado indicated via official letter.

The document was sent to Congress, which analyzes initiative 21,388, which promotes the medicinal use of cannabis and the industrial use of hemp. According to the letter, the plan would require modifying the General Health Law and its implementation should include more bureaucratic entities.

Among others, it asks to include the Ministry of Security, the Seed Office, and the Phytosanitary Service. “Allowing the free circulation of hemp would make possible, due to its phenotypic characteristics, the concealment of marijuana plantations,” the Minister concluded.

Deputies criticize and Government is silent

The response received in the Assembly generated annoyance with various deputies that have followed up on the issue of hemp. “This response is a monument to mediocrity and mental laziness. The MAG minister responds without data, without analysis, repeating myths and falsehoods. Evidence that he did not even read the bill,” said the liberationist Roberto Thompson.

Zoila Volio, deputy driving the plan, said via Twitter that the response showed “negligence, that he did not even search for it on Google.” An attempt was made to know the version of the Government regarding the position of Minister Alvarado, but the Presidential House did not respond.

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