Alejandro Sanz announces new dates for his Latin American Tour

As a consequence of the global effects that COVID-19 is causing, #LAGIRA by Alejandro Sanz announces the new dates of his concerts in Latin America. The desire and interest in celebrating the scheduled concerts have made possible something as complicated and laborious as organizing the agenda of these shows again, in which Alejandro Sanz will present his greatest hits and the new songs included in #ELDISCO

In recent days, the artist has presented #ELMUNDOFUERA, an improvisation, a pure, emotional, and art-free song that arises after #LAGIRASEQUEDAENCASA, the concert that Alejandro Sanz offered through YouTube last Sunday, March 15th and that have already seen almost 5,000,000 people around the world.

“After the broadcast via Youtube of #LaGiraSeQuedaEnCasa last Sunday I felt so connected, that we all in our sense looked for a way to encourage each other. And this is mine. A song created from the confinement, at home. An improvisation traveling on a voice note to my pianist, some harmony instructions, and a common feeling. A song created in a very organic way, with a bare heart with a unique purpose: I am here with you and the world is outside”, said Alejandro Sanz.

Thus, during the next month of November, #LAGIRA will tour 6 countries with a huge show conceived for large venues. The show has the most spectacular production seen to date: 1000m2 of the LED screen will host HD audiovisual content specially designed for the occasion, together with 250,000 W of sound.

Attention Costa Rica

As part of this tour, it has been announced that the date for the concert in Costa Rica will be: November 14, 2021.

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