Leader of Brexit Boris Johnson will not run for Prime Minister

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    The leader of the referendum campaign, Brexit, that resulted in The United Kingdom leaving The European Union, Boris Johnson, announced this Thursday that he would not be a candidate to replace David Cameron for the conservative party.

    “After consulting my colleagues and in light of the situation in parliament, I can’t be that person”, said Johnson during a speech in London after listing the challenges that await them in the Britain. Hours before Justice Secretary Michael Gove declared his intentions to be the conservative front runner in the upcoming elections.

    “It had to fall to someone else…I felt it had to fall tobe me”, said Gove. Many supporters of Boris and the Leave faction have reacted with outrage and see it as a stab in the back to Johnson by Gove. Gove was appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice in May of 2015 and before that held position of Conservative MP since 2005.

    Home Secretary Theresa May is a favorite in the upcoming elections and unlike Gove and Johnson she backed staying in The European Union.

    The results of the Brexit vote were shocking to many political analysts who predicted that the voting would result in a close Stay decision. Since then it seems like everyone’s avoiding taking the wheel of the sinking ship. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he will resign, shortly after the votes came in, only staying until a new Prime Minister is elected. Whoever that may be will have to decide on triggering Article 50 and beginning the formal process for leaving The European Union, that individual will be chosen September 1st.

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