Laughter: The Best Natural Medicines That Exist

The best way to overcome difficulties is to face them with a smile

Laughter is a gesture, accompanied by a sound that a person makes when reacting to a funny stimulus or that produces happiness. Laughter generally includes movements of the mouth and various regions of the face.

Isabel Serrano Rosa, a psychologist, and the therapist says that in the brain, laughter “activates the hippocampus (which is the center of memory) and goes to the amygdala (the center of emotions), then starting the area of cortex, which is intended for intellectual processes, and from there to the area of the brain that activates the smile or laughter. This depends on the mood, the personality or the absence of psychological disorders”.

Some studies indicate that laughing increases the number of neurotransmitter substances. It also generates endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline, all of which are hormones that contribute to physical well-being.

Laughter therapy.

Laughter therapy is a personal growth treatment that consists of laughter and other techniques that find a way for people to feel full, satisfied and happy. Just a smile can affect our body, or even the skin, passing through the blood vessels, muscles, and then nerves. A smile relaxes some muscles and when this becomes a habit, the benefits are many. “Laughter is a true moral detoxifier, capable of curing or at least mitigates most of our ills. And also, there is no danger if the dose is exceeded,” according to Dr. Rubinstein.

Benefits of laughter.

Many studies have shown that laughter has benefits both physically and psychologically:

A) Strengthens muscles: every time we laugh, a total of 430 muscles are used. The entire contract and relax according to the state of intensity-relaxation that our laughter experiences.

B) Strengthens our immune system: laughing increases Immunoglobulin A and T and lymphocytes, antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria. Thanks to this our immune system are strengthened.

C) It eliminates fat: when we laugh, the diaphragm and the abdomen massage organs such as the liver, intestine, pancreas, and spleen, among others. These massages facilitate digestion and eliminate fat and toxins.

D) It removes stress: when we smile or laugh, we release endorphins. We are more pleasant with the people around us.

E) Improve our self-esteem: It fosters a positive state of mind and, therefore, generates optimism.

F) It delays aging: as to whether laughing a lot or at least enough, slows aging, “there are no significant results from the studies carried out in this regard. However, professional experiences and subjective experiences have shown the effects caused by a positive attitude and optimistic thinking in the cure of diseases such as cancer.

In conclusion, the effect that a smile has on people with which we relate to is meaningful and positive. Disarm any suspicions, remove fear and anger, and build trust for those around you. It is a therapy, to heal our soul, mind, and spirit.

“It is convenient to laugh without waiting to be happy, lest death surprises us without having laughed” -Jean de La Bruyére.

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