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    To the Editor

    Professor Richard Dawkins, biologist and atheist believes in evolution, without a God of course, but he “would abandon it overnight if evidence arose that disproved it.” He dismisses the bible, and all its stories, as man made. No disagreement there. But most people who grow up with the ‘unquestionable truth’ die with the same belief, as it becomes a personal identity over time. The few spirited individuals, who discover that they have been deceived all their life, can’t be blamed for turning in anger to atheism.

    Dawkins states that, “natural selection is a cumulative process” and, “Darwin teaches us to seek out graded ramps of slowly increasing complexity. Many flowers use a bribe of food, usually nectar…” Is this not an indication that there is a template with innate intelligence, a brain, which selects, seeks and bribes? “ Doesn’t Dawkins actually answer his own question? Don’t an egg and a sperm create with the process of evolution a living biological creature? A concept of CREAVOLUTION would sum it up.

    Dawkins hopes that someday, something as powerful as Darwinism will be found to explain physics. But not without honestly acknowledging our ignorance, and the existence of a Designer(s)-Architect-Intelligence-Brain-God, or whatever one might choose to call IT that is as invisible and intangible as is our mind, that is you and me, the I? And this has nothing to do with any man-made religious concept.

    Sure, we simply call it nature, or some label it pantheism, as it is impersonal and none-responsive to our wishes and prayers. We don’t have to ask for miracles and wonders; they’re in and all around us.

    Science offers no explanation what makes the electron spin within the atom, or what is the source of this phenomenon? Imagine, if the source that makes the electron (s) spin was terminated, the universe, and we, would simply disappear, because what we perceive as matter is nothing but empty space.

    The fact that every atom is a Perpetual Motion Machine has never been acknowledged, and never been duplicated by any human being. The gold atom has 79 electrons in 6 different shell-orbits; that means that the electron-weight-speed is different within each shell to be in perfect balance to counteract the centripetal force of the nucleus. The atom is an incredible piece of machinery.

    And that is just half the story of a single atom, since the nucleus seem to be even more complicated; because some ten thousand scientists are trying to figure this out within the LARGE HADRON COLLIDER in CERN. They’re attempting to re-create the Big Bang by smashing subatomic particles together and searching for the ‘god’ particle. Yet not one scientist, as far as I know, had the humility and admitted, most likely for fear of ridicule that this cannot all be Happenstance and that there exists something far more intelligent than we are.

    Would anybody believe in the metamorphosis of the butterfly, if it weren’t an established fact? Not in a million years. The tiniest computer chip in a credit card is made of gazillions of different elemental atoms, and the average human being contains the energy of over hundred twenty thousand Hiroshima bombs. Wow.

    So, in view of the fact that we don’t understand any of the few aforementioned facts, the question of who made the Designer is rather foolish, as we don’t even know of who we are? Does the denial of God conveniently exempt us from responsibility for allowing poverty and wars go rampant, and destroying our beautiful planet in so many different ways? Hoping for a ‘new earth is even worse.

    There is a void between fundamental religions and atheism and new words and concepts are needed to honestly acknowledge that we’re so ignorant of our ignorance.

    But those people, who believe that the universe can create itself spontaneously out of nothing, without a CAUSE, especially Stephen Hawking, have a belief that rivals fairy tales.

    Gunther Ostermann

    Kelowna, BC. 250 765 8726 [email protected]

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