Jack Dorsey Ex-CEO and Cofounder of Twitter Vacations in Costa Rica

    He registers nine admissions since 2019

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    Jack Dorsey Ex-CEO and Cofounder of Twitter vacations frequently in Costa Rica. The 45-year-old American, with a personal fortune estimated at $11.8 billion, last entered the country on January 28th. According to the Directorate of Immigration and Aliens, Dorsey has not yet registered his departure from the country.

    Since 2019, the businessman has visited Costa Rica nine times:

    2019: twice

    2020: once

    2021: five

    2022: once

    International press outlets have published photos of the technology tycoon surfing and chatting pleasantly with the locals. For now it is unknown on which beach in the country he performs one of his favorite activities.

    Other famous figures

    Other famous figures of global reach and other media in social networks have recently visited the country. They are Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Danny Ocean, Imaray Ulloa, Kunno, Paulina Rubio, Shawn Mendes, Gisele Bündchen and María Celeste Arrarás.

    Dorsey left the Twitter helm

    Twitter announced at the end of last November that its CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has left his position. His position has since been occupied by the technical manager of the group, Parag Agrawal.

    “I decided to leave Twitter because I think the firm is ready to cut the cord with its founders,” said Jack Dorsey in a statement that marks the end of an era. To mark this new stage, the businessman born in St. Louis (Missouri) also plans to leave his position on the board of directors in 2022. Additionally, he said that he would not seek a new mandate during the group’s shareholders’ meeting.

     With a very personal style, shaved hair and a long beard, Dorsey has embodied, for years and by himself, Twitter. Since his return to the helm of the company in October 2015, the entrepreneur has been regularly criticized for not having left the helm of his other company, the mobile payment specialist Square, to focus solely on Twitter.

    His time at the firm

    His first stage at the helm of Twitter as CEO was from 2007 and 2008, but he was removed from the position by the board of directors, dissatisfied with his management.

    Now that Dorsey begins to fade from the Twitter universe, it leaves the firm with a portfolio of 211 million daily users, considered “monetizable”, that is, exposed to advertising on the platform of the little blue bird.

    With Dorsey at the helm, Twitter had its first quarter of profit in the fourth quarter of 2017, and then two full years in the positive, before returning to a loss in 2020. Dorsey struggled to monetize the platform’s traffic, the company’s weak point until then, despite its unique place in the media industry. The group improved some tools to make them easier for advertisers and users to use. It also deleted accounts of controversial personalities.

    Dorsey vs. Trump

    The high point of that campaign was the permanent suspension of former US President Donald Trump’s account in January 2021. The decision reinforced, in the eyes of many conservatives, the image of a network at the service of progressives and the left, and willing to limit freedom of expression.

    “People have a tendency to associate Jack Dorsey with censorship on Twitter. But I think he did what he could, in the last couple of years, to keep the platform relatively open.” This was said on Twitter by Mike Solana, head of the investment firm Founders Fund. “Without him, things will get worse, not better,” he estimated.

    To improve its profitability, Twitter launched a series of initiatives, in particular the possibility of paid subscriptions to some highly followed accounts. In June, the social network launched a paid version of Twitter in Canada and Australia, with additional features for users who subscribe.

    In recent quarters, Jack Dorsey has insisted on personalizing, with the help of artificial intelligence, each subscriber’s use of the service, in particular by creating new threads of his own on specific topics.

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