Hybrid Work Gains Ground In Costa Rica

    Four keys to the successful adoption of collaboration rooms

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     A recent survey by the firm PwC revealed that 79% of Costa Rican companies remain in a hybrid work model, which represents a challenge for companies, as they are forced to build collaboration schemes capable of integrating their collaborators, without matter where they are.

     And while some still choose to attend the office daily, others only go on specific days or even work completely remotely.  This implies that organizations see the need to provide tools that improve the experience of their collaborators and also enhance their productivity and interaction.

    Adapting to the changing needs of companies

     “Currently it is no longer just about providing hybrid work tools, but rather about having solutions that adapt to the changing needs of companies and that, in turn, allow collaborators to enjoy efficient remote collaboration,” explained Carlos. Quintero, visual communications specialist at Ricoh Costa Rica.

     “The key is to empower productivity through remote collaboration and redesign offices as environments that inspire imagination and learning.  This enables dynamic and interactive interaction between teams, facilitating fluid communication and an agile exchange of information, regardless of distances,” he added.  Multiple companies are rethinking the digital transformation of their operations by incorporating collaboration technologies, such as interactive screens, videoconferencing systems, and document managers.

     Under this scenario, it is of utmost importance to have a broad understanding of the adoption of technologies and the goals that are intended to be achieved with their implementation.  Without a doubt, a thorough analysis of the organization’s current landscape will allow identifying and selecting the most appropriate solutions to address its specific needs.

    Organization´s four key practices

     To guarantee a successful integration of collaboration services in their facilities, the Ricoh company, recognized for providing technological solutions that accelerate the digital adoption of its clients, recommends organizations four key practices that ensure an optimal transition towards a more efficient and digital environment. productive:

    • Having specialized professional advice constitutes the fundamental foundation of the entire process.  The presence of experts to guide and support decision-making ensures a fluid and precise implementation that responds to the characteristics of the space and the particular needs of each company.
    • Performing concept tests is vitally important to give users the opportunity to experience the benefits of integration.  From inviting them to a room equipped with all the necessary equipment, where they can experience collaboration in full operation, to organizing demonstrations with equipment similar to what will be implemented in the future, it will make it easier to identify and address possible adjustments.
    • Training in the use of the equipment becomes an essential pillar to optimize system performance.  This training is relevant for all users who will make direct or indirect use of the technology, as it will ensure successful adoption and optimal use of collaboration tools.
    • n  Ensuring support and maintenance is an essential stage once the services are implemented.  Having continuous support, as well as technical assistance, becomes a valuable investment to provide peace of mind to the organization, knowing that it will always have support in the event of any eventuality.

     According to Quintero, the adoption of collaboration technologies should facilitate the path towards reformulating the future of work models.  “It is not only about considering aspects such as sound, cabling and image quality, but also about helping to make collaboration more human, productive and enriching;  that allows collaborators to connect and work together optimally and safely in this new era,” he concluded.

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