Hearth Summit Arrives in Costa Rica to Reconnect with Ecological Belonging

    This Latin American wellness meeting will have six plenary sessions that will address the relationship between personal well-being and the connection with nature

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    The Hearth Summit Costa Rica 2024 is the third edition of a series of global meetings organized by The Wellbeing Project that will take place from October 16 to 18 in the Costa Rican capital.

    This event is part of the well-being movement and aims to generate new levels of awareness about one’s own well-being, that of organizations and the planet, with the presence of more than 30 international expert speakers, 40 national and international artists.

    Ecological belonging

    This year, the focus of the summit will be on deepening the relationship between the individual and nature, exploring the connection between personal well-being and the relationship with the natural environment in which we live. Under the central theme of “ecological belonging”, the event seeks to restore awareness in the way in which human beings relate to themselves, their communities and the natural environment that surrounds them, thus promoting a sense of belonging and community in a global movement towards individual, social and planetary well-being.

    After the success of the first edition, the Wellbeing Summit Bogotá, focused on personal well-being, this year it aims to explore how the relationship with nature influences our well-being. Costa Rica, known for its lush biodiversity and commitment to environmental conservation, provides an ideal setting for this exploration.

    “It will be a three-day meeting, where nearly 800 participants are expected, which will highlight the importance of promoting well-being among the agents of change in the region, while providing them with the information, tools and connections to continue farming long after the event. We are very excited to bring this experience to Costa Rica, we are sure that it will be very enriching and will be the first year of many,” said Jorge López, co-creator of the event.

    Plenaries: Belonging and Wellbeing

    The event will feature six plenary sessions that will address the relationship between personal well-being and the connection with nature. The focus will be on the “ecological belonging” approach, which proposes living in a continuous and interconnected relationship with ourselves, with others and with the natural world in general.

    Among the confirmed speakers are experts such as Richard Davidson from the Center for Healthy Minds (USA), Epsy Campbell, president of the Permanent Forum of Afro-descendants of Latin America, Mar Cabra, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for her journalistic work in the “ Panama Papers” UrsJager, Research Director of Viva Ideas and professor at INCAE Business School, Nat Grew, expert in Blue Zones, Warner Rojas, first Costa Rican to reach the summit of Everest, and international artists such as SimónMejía of BombaEstéreo, Giancarlo Puccinational photographer and creator of Magic Trees, among other international personalities and figures.

    Individual-Nature Systemic Levels

    Various topics will be organized to explore various approaches to the relationship between the individual and nature. Topics such as emotional belonging, the community-nature relationship, sustainability and spirituality in relation to nature will be discussed. Experts and academics will guide these working groups, where the exchange of ideas and the exploration of new perspectives will be promoted.

    Practices of ecological belonging from art and doing

    The event will also include six practical workshops where ecological belonging practices will be combined with artistic expressions. These workshops will explore how art can contribute to well-being and connection with nature, offering participants a unique experience of integration between body, mind and environment.

    The Hearth Summit Costa Rica 2024 promises to be a space for reflection, learning and connection, where participants will be able to explore how their relationship with nature influences their personal well-being and the well-being of the planet as a whole.

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