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    There’s this cultural phenomenon in most of the western countries that when we hear the word cancer, there is a feeling of fright, disgust, or anger. The infamous “C” word seems to strike a deep chord in most people.

    Perhaps it is due to the reality that a very large amount of people are diagnosed with some form of cancer each year. Statistics in the United States state that cancer is the second most common cause of death in the U.S., and that 1 in 4 people are diagnosed each year.  Given these stats, along with the general view on cancer from the medical industry and society at large – a view that teaches fear, and very bleak possibilities of successfully surviving a cancer diagnosis.  It’s no wonder so many people are struck with fright and anger upon hearing of a cancer diagnosis.

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    Most of us have known someone who has battled cancer. Perhaps too many of us have known someone who died from cancer.  When I was 4 years old, my grandfather on my mother’s side died of gallbladder cancer.  When I was 15, I stayed near my other grandfather’s side as he wasted away and died from stomach cancer, and the brutal therapies the doctors of the time advised for him.  Then there was an uncle who died of brain cancer.  And the numerous friends, and the loved ones of friends, who were diagnosed, fought for their lives and lost. Rarely do we hear the great success stories.

    We too often bow our heads and say how sorry we are to hear the news – that another has lost the battle, and passed on due to cancer.  Sometimes we hear that they make it through all the horribly grueling hours of chemo and radiation therapies.  They receive a “cancer free” bill of health, despite all their loss of hair and body mass, despite the weakening of their entire system.  They are joyful of their apparent success, and then a few years later – that horrific, sneaky, life-robbing cancer has crept its way back in and made its stake in their life once again.

    The reality I just spoke of is far too common. It is a large part why, when I personally received a cancer diagnosis, I chose to take a different approach to the matter. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel.  One who likes to think outside the box, and live outside the “norm.” Being told I had an advanced stage, rare blood cancer only invoked more of these tendencies in me.

    I was determined to find a way that worked to rid my body of cancer, and not allow it to return. Of course, being human with emotions and frailties, I experienced feeling shocked, overwhelmed, and even a bit of fright when I opened the envelope that stated the cold scientific words stating the results of my biopsy. Although I had already suffered and successfully healed a few serious health issues, I was not expecting to ever receive the diagnosis of cancer. I was dedicated to healthy living. I ate organic food, did yoga, and used herbs instead of antibiotics or cold & flu medications.  I had done numerous colon cleanses and liver flushes. I led others in healing journeys. I was a health consultant, an acupuncturist, an herbalist, and detoxification specialist. Many people wondered – how in the world did I have cancer?


    The answer that sounded back to me so loud and clear, was that I needed to learn first-hand about healing cancer naturally. If I was going to continue helping others heal, then I needed to learn about healing the dis-ease that brings such fright and loss to so many people. I needed to learn about how to naturally, safely, and effectively heal a dis-ease that has been robbing so many people of their lives and their loved ones.

    To approach this endeavor, I first began diving into researching all the ways people have naturally treated cancer. I also researched the modern therapies, such as chemo, radiation, and surgery.  Why they so often fail and make matters much worse – often fatally worse. I researched herbs and plants from all over the planet.  I studied foods, and healing diets. I then took all I learned, all I felt intuitively guided to do, and I formulated a program for myself.  I embarked on my own personal healing journey – aimed to eradicate cancer from my body and remain cancer-free for the rest of my days on Earth.

    The program I developed focused on specific nutrition – eliminating many things from my diet while consuming mostly raw food, salt and sugar-free diet, dominant in fresh vegetable juices, fresh herbs, mushrooms, specific oils, and greens.  I made tinctures and teas from various medicinal mushrooms and rainforest herbs. I incorporated organ cleansing, coffee enemas, yoga, meditation, prayer, emotional healing, and conscious visualization. Within three months the tumors fell from my skin – my body’s statement that it would no longer house cancer! Upon further testing and biopsies, I proved that cancer could be cleansed and healed with all-natural means!

    I have since modified and updated the protocol I used to include some very exciting, promising natural therapies and supplements which are showing amazing success in healing all forms of cancer. I have guided many people into recovery. I have seen that cancer is definitely a reality no one has to accept as a death sentence. The media, medical establishments, and world authorities may try to stand behind their outlook of doom and gloom – scare millions of people into expensive, often life-robbing therapies. Yet, there are others, like myself, who have proven cancer need not be feared.  Although serious, cancer itself is quite simple to understand and approach. It is the body and soul’s cry to bring nurturing, cleansing, balancing, and love to our life. It is not asking to be brutally cut, burned, or poisoned, unless absolutely necessary – which is rarely ever the case. It is a loving action that is the greatest healer.

    Of course, there is the reality of prevention we may all choose to consider. Eating an organic, whole foods diet, exercising regularly, decreasing stress and unhappiness in our lives, incorporating immune boosting, cancer-preventative herbs and supplements in our daily routines, and other healthy lifestyle choices are all wise. Moving beyond just our personal bodies, and cleaning up our environment and food supplies is also important. Eliminating genetically modified foods, fluoridated and chlorinated drinking water, chemical additives in food, chemical cleaners in our homes, air pollution, radiation exposure, and much more is a positive path for humanity to take to ensure the amount of cancer diagnosis in our world begins to decline. Yet, as I learned, no matter how much healthy eating and exercising I did, I still was faced with the dreaded diagnosis of cancer.

    If you find this is a reality in your life or the life of a loved one, I plead with you not to jump into fear.  Be hesitant about following the mainstream advice for cancer therapies. Do some research. See for yourself the stats on the long-term success rates of chemo or radiation. Take a look and see why surgery with cancer is an awful choice, unless absolutely necessary. Read about the others who have healed cancer with diet, herbs, organ cleansing, liver detoxification, ozone therapies, cannabis oils, stress reduction, and other powerful all-natural, non-invasive therapies. There is a path to greater health for all of us. There have been many pioneers lighting the way. Although their lessons and discoveries have been under fierce suppression so a few greedy people and their corporations can make money off our societal-created illnesses – please know that the truth is still there. The successes continue to prevail. I am living proof.

    WRITTEN BY: Zahrah Sita

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    Zahrah Sita is a professional practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, an herbalist, a health and wellness guide, a student, an enthusiast of plant medicines, and ancient indigenous wisdom and traditions. She helps lead Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with the Mystic Heart Sacred Cacao Tribe. Zahrah is also a writer, a dancer, and a lover of all of the arts, nature, spirituality, and natural healing.  Zahrah resides in Costa Rica year round.

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