Hazel Muñoz and Her Art Fill Every Space of Costa Rica With Magic

    An Artist with many dimensions

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    Hazel Muñoz Abarca fills with art and good vibes every space where she decides to be, one of them is the Camino Real Ecoferia (Dominical) that takes place every Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the Patron Theater.

    Ecofair Dominical

    Hazel is a very talented Costa Rican woman, who was born in San Isidro de El General (Costa Rica), where she attended primary and secondary school. When she turned 17 she moved to the capital San José, because there to carry out her studies of art (both plastic and dramatic), a dream she always had.

    Hazel Muñoz artist

    In the second year of her studies, Hazel told us (The Costa Rica News), that she met her husband and currently father of her two girls, “he is from Peru and at that time he was a guest actor, after a while I decided to move to Lima, staying there for 20 years where I finished my painting studies at the National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts “, she tells us.

    Inspiration towards art

    From a very young age Hazel, had an inclination towards art, although she also admitted that she had other concerns. “Deciding on this path was somehow to accept excellent things for my future.” For this incredible artist, painting and creating fabulous works makes her feel alive, it is her dharma (religion). “To hear that calling was a way of thanking, because I believe one must see very well the gifts that are given and try to polish them , to be a genuine instrument in service to our environment “she expressed.

    Hazel`s inspirational artwork

    Her inspiration comes from many situations, each project and theme are constantly renewed. Having a fascination towards nature, the ocean, animals, and all spaces where it is allowed to dream and create strange worlds that obey the vagaries of the imagination, which in some way are a reflection of what are your feelings.

    Does Hazel perform other activities?

    As for other disciplines, Hazel is more connected to theater than dance, but either way loves dancing. She also dedicated herself at some point to the chamber theater and then to clown theater; she made costumes, sets and makeup for the theater where, in her opinion, she was able to connect with her aesthetic passion in the shows. Holding workshops for children and does not rule out going back to acting in the future.

    Another of Hazel`s paintings

    Current projects…

    In these moments Muñoz, stands out on being focused to a drawing project called “Susurro de Bosque”(Forest Whisperer), that are basically characters in contact with nature and reacting to the sensations of the forest, the breeze, flowers, among other things. “I try to create an emotion in each image – a challenge – an ability to be achieved”.

    For next year she is preparing a series of paintings, called “Tica Linda”, which are also portraits of real Costa Rican women, women who are very diverse and bearers of a unique and everyday beauty, strong or special in some sense; all of them were chosen for their intuition and she defines the work as a tribute to the heroines who have the power of tenderness, wisdom and love that produce cultural diversity, “this project goes related to “Women’s Day” in March, exhibiting in the room of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, to have a more social projection “.

    Ideas for the future

    Hazel Muñoz keeps giving workshops of different techniques to children and adults in Uvita where she resides. In the future, she has many dreams yet to fulfill, considering that the path shows you where you’re heading  and surprises can make you change course. Her wish is to settle in Uvita and build a small village with art workshops, a quiet place where people can attend and explore themselves through the workshops.

    Finally, Hazel made emphasis on her participation in the EcoFeria, which for her is a privilege, “I have found a place where I feel appreciated and listened to; where I know there will be space to create sensitive experiences for the community, and where art is important and will be used as a tool to communicate our philosophy of life, conscious and respectful of all beings and our beautiful planet”.

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