Grecia entrepreneur built an empire with “natural touch”

    Carolina Ruiz Chacon owns Natural Touch, a company that started in 1998 and now distributes more than 20,000 products to 200 macrobiotic stores across the country. A project that proudly carries the Grecian stamp and was born in the hands of a woman entrepreneur.

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    Two children, professional, and a lover of work. Three variables that are difficult to balance if you want to spend time with your family without abandoning your business. Carolina Ruiz Chacon knew this very well.

    Despite the problems she might face, in 1998 she decided to create her Macrobiotic Natural Touch.

    What was her motive? Owning her own home because she lived in a house that was paid by her mother. Her 6 year old daughter and her newborn son were those who urged her to fulfill her dream.

    The time she worked in the cosmetics and food industry gave her the experience she needed to understand the basics of how to start this business. It was at that moment when she saw the option of having a job without neglecting her family.

    It all started in a small venue, located 50 meters west of the hospital emergency entrance of Grecia, when only distributing products from suppliers.

    A year after opening her little macrobiotic, her son became ill with asthma. After recalling the advice of her grandmother and mother, who always used natural remedies, and with a little research, she was given the task of creating the first formula of Bumba Bronco syrup (one of the most currently sold).

    Relatives and acquaintances realized the effectiveness of the drug and Carolina started receiving lots of orders. So she decided to produce more to sell.

    For every problem, Carolina will be looking for a solution. After her second pregnancy she began to suffer from hair loss. She took this as a new opportunity for creating a remedy. This is how she released the Tupepelo shampoo, later called tuple.

    This shampoo is under the Krisme cosmetics brand (by the name of her children and Kristofer Esmeralda).

    Natural Touch sells food products and natural cosmetics through its four brands: Krisme, La Yerberita, Delinat, and Yasu.

    Committed to the quality of their products

    In her concern for natural products to really sell, Carolina reviewed the content of the medicines sold in local stores. If anyone had unnecessary ingredients, she elaborated a less artificial version.

    In Costa Rica there is a regulatory body that certifies the naturalness of a product. So her company’s commitment to produce drugs with at least 90% natural ingredients are met, taking into account European standards.

    How did the business grow?

    Carolina decided it was time to put her small macrobiotic products produced herself on shelves. When sales agents came to her home, they gave her orders. She was the victim of many robberies.

    Still, store owners who bought her products called her when they had any medication. And, they began to distribute through parcels.

    Today, Macrobiotic Natural Touch employs 21 people and distributes each month more than 20,000 products to around 200 macrobiotic across the country.

    The new store is located 75 meters west of the entrance of the San Francisco Emergency Hospital of Assisi in Grecia, very close to its first location.

    Carolina Ruiz Chacón received the Women Innovation Award in 2014 for the success of her company. This award is given by the Program for the Development of Women Entrepreneurs of the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica.

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