Government of Costa Rica Received Criticism for the Murder of Environmentalist

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    This week the Government of Costa Rica has received a barrage of criticism for the murder of environmentalist Jairo Mora, while protecting turtles. There had been threats from turtle poachers and traffickers on the beaches of the province of Limón ( Caribbean).

    It is “a hard blow for the whole country,” Ofelia Taitelbaum said in a statement today by the Defender of the People, on the eve of the World Day the Environment.

    The ombudsman said that “a sustained neglect of the environment … is the worst of our enemies” and criticized the authorities are handling the case, which occurred on Friday, with “much passivity”.

    “I demand more respect for his (Mora) legacy, their fight and those who believe that protecting the environment should be a priority for the country,” said Taitelbaum.
    For its part, the United Nations System in Costa Rica said Monday in a statement of “deep regret” over the murder of Mora, sent condolences to the family and said there is confident that the authorities will punish those responsible.

    “We hope that the youth of Costa Rica and the world are still inspired by the example of Jairus for humanity to advance more and more towards a development that is truly in harmony with nature,” he said in the statement.

    Environmental sector also expressed criticism of the actions of the police in the province of Limón, mainly because they believe that despite the complaints did not protect him to Mora.

    In a statement signed by 15 environmental organizations, is described what happened in a statement.

    “It’s time to end this situation and avoid future tragedies. Therefore, prompt action is requested from the Government of Costa Rica and the institutions responsible for justice,” said the statement.

    The controversy in this case was further heated in the last a statement by Costa Rican Vice President Alfio Piva, on the U.S. network CNN on Monday, in which he said that the murder of Mora, was an “accident in an area where he (came upon) a lot of drugs. “

    The Minister of Environment and Energy, René Castro, said local media that will meet with police officials and environmental organizations to seek to improve the protection of turtles in Lemon and activists.

    At the moment there is no arrest for the murder of Mora, who was found dead last Friday and handcuffed and shot in Playa Moin, Limon.

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