Getting Up On Our Feet Again After We Fall

Getting Up On Our Feet Again After We Fall
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How many times have we stumbled on the road of life? How many times have we fallen and experienced the hard blow? But have we known how to rise after the fall?

There is no single answer, a particular cause for a fall along the way, is a search for an encounter with what motivates and excites us.

We can suffer disappointments in love, frustrations at work, losses in the financial area, bad moments in the family, in short, in life we can experience different emotional collapses, which in many cases makes us feel that we lack strength, but we must learn to get up after the fall.

Many times we find it difficult to get up, perhaps because the blow was so strong that we lose the enthusiasm to continue fighting, the discouragement takes over that enthusiasm that we felt when we began to walk the road, but we are still alive and that is what we need to get up from that fall.

If we do not rise, we will never be able to measure the capacity we have to overcome adversity, we will never reveal the true disposition that we have to achieve what we long for, that enlivens  in us the essence of happiness.

When we rise from a fall we demonstrate the firm intention to continue, but we must know how to do it. From the moment we look up to gather strength and stand up, we must do it with the best attitude, with only one intention: “Show myself that falling is not my biggest obstacle but the attitude that I assume towards it ”.

If, in the face of the fall, I assume a pessimistic attitude, denying my strengths and my possibility of getting up, surely the guarantee of success will be null.

Whenever we decide to undertake a journey, that is, whenever we set ourselves a goal, that we propose to achieve, we paint a dream in black and white ready to be put in colors.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

We must also take into account that everything in life has a sacrifice, we must be aware that obstacles will appear, that on the way we will feel tired, that perhaps we will lose strength, and, before all this, we must make a commitment to ourselves that even if everything becomes difficult for us, that even if we come to feel discouraged and the indisposition to try again, we are going to get up until we reach our destination.

Let’s see in each fall that opportunity to evaluate its possible causes, where we failed, what are our weakest points and thus correct to rise and continue with more strength, with more security and confidence. Perhaps we need a change in attitude, use our strengths differently, adopt new behaviors.

This does not guarantee avoiding other falls, but if we can be sure that in this new attempt we are more armed with experience, clothed in courage and optimism, because: “Life does not stop because of a fall, life continues”, and as long as this is the reality, our chances for success are there.

Let us not see the fall as a symbol of failure, failure is typical of those who do not try, those who do not dare out of fear, distrust, feeling insecure, taking negative attitudes.

Remember that pessimism is an enemy that lives in us and that becomes evident every time we close the doors to the world of the possible, to everything that we can achieve despite all obstacles.

“It is important to keep in mind that to rise from a fall it is necessary and essential to go through life with optimism, to show enthusiasm for what motivates us, to love our dreams and to be willing to knock down all obstacles. Rising from the fall is an act of bravery in the face of life’s challenges. ”

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