Get to Know the Secrets of Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

The inhabitants of this geographical area have an amazing longevity

Nicoya Beach
Nicoya Beach

Nicoya is located on the Guanacaste peninsula in Costa Rica, and is considered one of the 7 blue zones found worldwide. These geographical areas are considered special, because most people live at least 90 and often over 100 years of age.

In these areas people have low rates of chronic diseases, so they tend to live longer than in other places. Nicoyans, as the inhabitants of NIcoya in Costa Rica are colloquially referred to, attribute their longevity to the natural foods consumed such as corn and tortillas, and to their overall healthy lifestyle.

Secrets of the Costa Rica`s Blue Zone

It is important to highlight that all the cantons of the Nicoya Peninsula: Hojancha, Nandayure, Carrillo, Santa Cruz and Nicoya are part of this blue zone.And one of the main secrets of the inhabitants of these areas for leading a long life lies in: good physical and mental health, healthy eating tradition, respect for family unity, solid faith and spirituality, constant mobility and a life purpose.

Here the inhabitants move on foot, they use cars very little, which makes them physically active. In addition, eating habits are natural, they consume many foods that are harvested on their own lands, more plants, fruits, vegetables, corn, and less meat. They spend a lot of time with loved ones and put family first. Similarly, their group of friends shares the same healthy habits as they do.

The Nicoya peninsula apart from being a Blue Zone stands out for its great natural beauty. It also has a wide range of tourist attractions and conservation areas, in addition to its rich history.

What are the tourist attractions of Nicoya?


One of the main tourist attractions of this peninsula is the Nicoya colonial church, which is located in the Parish of San Blas. It is the oldest church in Costa Rica, dating back 500 years.

Another tourist attraction is the Nicoya Central Park, that is a perfect place to rest and contemplate. It is full of shoppers, students, children playing, retirees, and passing tourists taking a pause. Nicoya has spectacular beaches, where you can enjoy surfing and other exciting ecotourism adventures.

Apart from the Nicoya Peninsula, there are 4 other “Blue Zones” in the world, these are Sardinia in Italy; Okinawa, Japan, the community of Loma Linda in the United States and Icaria Island, Greece. They all have in common is that its inhabitants have a reason to get up every day, in addition to being active and having a balanced natural diet.

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