German Company Zollner Invests $ 10 million in Costa Rica Free Zone

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    The German company Zollner Elektronik AG, one of 15 world leaders in electronics manufacturing and engineering services, announced that it will invest $ 10 million in a free zone in Costa Rica that will serve as headquarters for America.

    The modern manufacturing facility and support services in Costa Rica will become the first division in Latin America, the Coalition for Development Initiatives (Cinde), responsible for attracting investment to the Central American country.

    The investment of $ 10 million includes plant infrastructure and equipment for the electronics manufacturing and hiring 200 people over the next three years, according to an official statement.

    The Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, Anabel Gonzalez, “Zollner choosing Costa Rica represents excellent news for the country as the company is bound to join the advanced manufacturing sector.”

    According to Gonzalez, the company’s decision “is a clear example of the diversification of the origins of foreign direct investment (FDI) that Costa Rica has been able to attract”.

    “We have begun to position the country as a potential destination for investment in a number of new markets, and according to available data from 2012, a total of 40 new projects attracted high technology during this period, 33% come from non-traditional markets such as Japan, Korea, India, Germany and Italy, “he explained.

    Zollner begin operations and contracting for the service center in mid-2014 to provide engineering, research and development, and support the U.S. operation proveeduría company, based in California.

    “…we have chosen Costa Rica for its stability, educational system, manufacturing resources and strategic location,” he added.

    In 2013, Costa Rica is expected to attract $ 2,460 million USD in Direct Foreign investment. EFE

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