Follow These Tips to Rethink and Achieve Your Goals in 2021

    Aim towards a more productive and fulfilling year

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    As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many Costa Ricans perceived 2021 as a year full of uncertainty, which led them to start the year without clear goals. Faced with this situation, Psychologists believe that people, despite having experienced difficult situations at different stages of life, even before the Pandemic, have to reconsider their dreams at the beginning of this year.

    “Although it is true, people should not face 2021 as what this year wants from us, but what we want to continue as our life projects. It is a great moment to reassess other difficult experiences, what we have learned and what we can use to our advantage in these times”, they say. But how do you set clear and achievable goals when you are in a time of crisis or a complex situation?

    The specialists recommend the following points to consider:

    1) Take a break and acknowledge the emotions: check what is happening in your inner world in terms of thoughts, feelings, ways of behaving, and relating.

    2) Check how much you are giving up: become aware of which areas of life are affected: economic, social, physical, emotional, and so on.

    3) Define priorities: in the middle of a cloudy scenario, it becomes a bit more complex to establish priorities, however, it is the most important thing to be able to move forward or find solutions.

    4) Establish times or limits: it is important to set dates or deadlines because when people see that they are not making progress with the objectives, they become stagnant.

    5) Take a good attitude: all-purpose must be accompanied by positive energy and/or attitude.

    6) Be clear about where the objective is headed: you are considering it to personal satisfaction, or to please others.

    Perceiving our environment

    “How do we perceive what is happening around us if a difficulty arises, how do we react to it? It will be that we feel that the world is against us; or what we can do to improve the situation. How responsible we can take our lives, actions, and own plans. This type of question also makes it easier for people to analyze and reflect when considering new purposes “, concluded the specialists.

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