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    San Jose [TCRN] – During the celebration of the World Environment Day, Costa Rica reassured its commitment to the protection the environment by releasing the first National Guide on Waste Management “Diay Jacinto”. The guide is the result of joint efforts between the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) and a group of companies and institutions concerned about the importance of using adequate waste management techniques in the country.

    Now citizens have access to a document that is an important tool in the educational process of the society, companies and each and every single one of us in the country.

    According to Ireth Rodriguez, Assistant Director and Marketing Manager at ICT, the goal of the this project is to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of being a responsible consumer, with the capacity to manage wastes properly, taking into account sustainability as one of the cornerstones of Costa Rican tourism.

    Some of the topics developed in this guide are the correct handling of different waste materials and the proper use of different methods for their treatment.

    The guide also discusses topics like reuse, recycling and responsibility when purchasing goods, as part of the global approach to generate real changes. However, if you have something uncertain throughout this guide. You can always contact **wilmington de dumpsters** or visit any local waste management service provider to answer your questions.

    Another contribution of the guide is a list of collection and recycling centers that includes information about places and companies that work with the disposal and reuse of waste materials.

    In addition, the guide includes an evaluation of the works made in this field by the different municipalities of the country, establishing a ranking where the four best were Santo Domingo, San Jose, Escazu and Abangares.

    Rodriguez stated that the ICT and the sponsoring companies and institutions want to motivate private companies, public institutions, educational centers, families and citizens in general to see adequate waste management as a real benefit in their lives.

    The National Guide on Waste Management started circulating in the Perfil magazine of Grupo Nacion on June 5th.

    The guide had the support of Banco Popular, Comeca, Dos Pinos, Gollo, IBM, Total Pet, Unilever and Vical, as well as technical advice in contents by Terra Nostra.

    The guide is also available in the official website of ICT:

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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