First Biodiesel Trans-Continental Jet Flight

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    ERIE, PA – Leading the way in the biodiesel industry, Lake Erie Biofuels, LLC has made history with co-sponsoring the first ever biodiesel trans-continental jet flight Green Flight International. “With Lake Erie Biofuels supporting this project, I had full confidence in the aircraft’s ability to perform at peak capability”, said Green Flight’s Chief Pilot Carol Sugars.

    Lake Erie Biofuels, an Erie Management Group company, and world-class biodiesel production facility located in Northwest Pennsylvania, announced today the completion of the world’s first jet flight powered by biodiesel. “This transcontinental flight was distinctive in that 1,776 miles of the 2,486 total miles flown were powered on 100% biodiesel,” said Douglas Rodante, Green Flight International President and CEO. Only 710 miles of the flight were powered by a mixture of 50% biodiesel and 50% standard jet fuel. The 50/50 fuel mix was used to compare performance data and demonstrate the capability of blending biodiesel with existing jet fuel supplies.

    Green Flight International ( was founded in 2006 to promote wider adoption of environmentally-friendly fuels in commercial aviation through international television media and print outlets. Michael L. Noble, President of Lake Erie Biofuels states, “Our accomplishment with Green Flight International marks a vital breakthrough for the mass transportation industry and sets the stage for future growth. We congratulate Green Flight International, and are proud of our role in providing the aviation industry with environmentally friendly, clean, petroleum substitutes. This is something we can all take pride in.”

    Lake Erie Biofuels, a BQ9000 accredited producer and marketer, was selected by Green Flight International to supply the biodiesel for the record-breaking flight because of its national recognition and superior quality standards. Lake Erie Biofuels incorporates a unique, internally designed filtration system and Desmet Ballestra continuous-flow technology — the vanguard in industry processing methods. A state of-the-art on-site laboratory, promises clean, pure and consistent fuel certifying every drop of biodiesel created.

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