El Festival Encuentro Movimientos Desplegados will feature artists from all around Latin America in dance, performance, workshops and conversation.

Special guests include Carmen Werner from Spain, Elia Arce from Costa Rica, Vicky Cortés from Costa Rica, Cristina Moura from Brazil, Martha Rosiles from Mexico, Paola Lorenzana from El Salvador and Violeta Luna from Mexico and the United States. “Each of these artists,” says Cortés, who doubles as the festival’s director, “has distilled her own language [of movement].”

According to Cortés, performances by international artists are a rarity in Central America. Such shows, she believes have the power to bring people from different walks of life together while expanding upon the “heterogeneity of contemporary language.” Thus one of the goals of El Festival Encuentro Movimientos Desplegados is to widen the opportunities available within the region.

[quote_center]“The active participation of Central America will allow the opening of a dialogue from our lands, from our realities. We have proposed a platform to allows artists and people interested in the expressions from the body to transcend borders so that our performing arts can continue to grow.”[/quote_center]

The participating artists’ areas of interest vary from the vulnerable neighborhoods of El Salvador to a contemporary look at Mexico’s tradition of honoring the dead. One of Lorenzana’s pieces examines the “Fragmented Woman” in an exercise of “is an exercise in disgust, on the subject of stereotypes, all that means ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’”

Schedule & Pricing

Each of the following workshops will be held at the Taller Nacional de Danza and will offer participants the opportunity to sample a piece of the artist’s work while discussing each person’s artistic processes.

Tickets for can be purchased individually for ₡20,000 per workshop or ₡6,000 for other functions. Talks are free. A special pass with access to two workshops and six other functions is also available for $100 USD.

Violeta Luna (Mexico / USA)

  • Performance
  • Thursday 10 & Friday 11
  • 1pm – 5pm

Elia Arce (Costa Rica)

  • Performance
  • Monday 14 & Wednesday 16
  • 1pm – 5pm

Cristina Moura (Brazil)

  • Contemporary Dance
  • Monday 14 & Tuesday 15
  • 9am – noon

Carmen Werner (Spain)

  • Contemporary Dance
  • Thursday 17 & Friday 18
  • 10am – noon

To register or request more information, you may email Cortés directly at [email protected] or find the Festival on Facebook.

Header image via Festival Encuentro Movimientos Desplegados.