Family Adopts 108-Year-Old Grandfather Who Lived Under a Tree

    The story looks like something out of a fictional movie; however in this real life story love prevails

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    “And now three treasures remain with you: faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of them is love” 1 Corinthians 13:13.

    I begin to write these lines starting from this reflection,love is a treasure that will accompany humanity even in the most difficult times, as it is revealed by the lines with which we begin to tell the following story.

    I just want to stop there because that feeling, love, was what motivated the Dears family to adopt Don Felipe Reyes, a 108-year-old grandfather who had no home, and was thrown out into the streets.

    History that paralyzed the Internet is carried out by a family from Torreón, México

    Although it is true today the Internet is full of various stories that never cease to amaze us, one that has changed the way of thinking of many people is that of Don Felipe Reyes, a man who at 108 years of age was abandoned in the streets by his 11offsprings.

    But this story does not end there because life would have a second chance in store for this long-lived grandfather. A new family crossed his life and against all odds and after knowing his story they decided to adopt him and give him shelter again. Action that immediately became known on social networks where it quickly became viral, because the gesture shows that even in the midst of everything that this world lives there are people of good nobleness.

    Learn more about the new family that welcomed Don Felipe Reyes

    Originally from Coahuila, Mexico, Benita Dearzr was the one who had the first contact with the grandfather. She did not hesitate to stop her car and offer him the help that she could give him at that time. She put him in his car, asked him a question and realizing that he had no home and that he actually wandered through the streets of the city without any fixed direction. On the road she learned that he had married three times and had 11 children.

    Likewise, Benita Dearzr expressed that this grandfather touched her heart, and together with her family, decided to take him home and adopt him as their own grandfather. This beautiful gesture towards him was an honor to her grandparents Angelina and Blas who are in heaven at this time, thus they say through their social networks. This is how they love this grandfather, who received the blessing of a new home.

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