Fake Journalists Planned to Move Seven Million Dollars to Costa Rica

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    18 foreign detainees who posed as journalists from the Mexican broadcaster Televisa tried to move to Costa Rica at least seven million dollars in vehicles equipped as mobile units of the media, police reported Friday, August 24, in Nicaragua.

    “We have the names or assumed names of them, mostly Mexicans, according to Interpol reports although there may be other nationalities,” said the police chief Aminta Granera.

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    He said the 18 detainees are led by a woman named Raquel Correa Alatorre and entered Nicaragua on 20 August by the Las Manos border post from Honduras.

    He explained that according to research, many of them are employees of private security firms to Tamaulipas and Durango..

    Tamaulipas and Durango are two states in northern Mexico where authorities have reported the presence of drug cartels such as Los Zetas, one of the most bloodthirsty of drug trafficking in the country and it has expanded its operations to Central America.

    Granera reported that discussions with Nicaraguan immigration authorities on the arrival of the so-called journalists in the country, determined that there was no information about them and was activated when the measures of the government of Nicaragua discovery led by the Police and the Directorate of Army Intelligence.

    Intelligence reports from the police indicated that the suspects were to enter the country and would cover the trial for drug trafficking and other crimes that began on Wednesday Nicaraguan businessman Henry Fariñas, survivor of an attack that killed the singer Facundo Cabral 2011.

    According reports, it was confirmed by Mexico’s embassy in Managua that the journalists were captured and interrogated, and that six vehicles traveled with 25 hidden packages, which contain about seven million U.S. dollars.

    “We confirmed our suspicion that it was organized crime,” said police chief on Friday.

    He added that during the investigation process has had the cooperation of the police in the region and the international police organization Interpol.


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