Don’t let the COVID-19 Pandemic Lead You to Life-Threatening Decisions

Sadly, suicide is on the rise during this crisis

Don't let the COVID-19 Pandemic Lead You to Life-Threatening  Decisions

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected our lives in multiple ways, forcing us to live in a totally different manner. One of the factors that it is affecting society the most, is the economic consequences, bringing as a result to many people, various psychological disorders and in some serious cases it has even lead to suicide.

Unfortunately this past week it was learned that an Uber taxi driver in Costa Rica took his life due to financial debts, specifically the one acquired by the purchase of a vehicle. The man with the last names Sánchez published farewell messages on the social network Facebook where he indicated the reason for his terrible decision to kill himself.

Parting words

“Friends, sorry for what I’m going to do. I tell them that since I bought the car and my payment was late one month with 200 thousand colones , because they did  not let us work on Easter and now with the new imposed restrictions I was going to delay payment for another month and they want me to return the car even though I have canceled a million 900 thousand colones” explained the man on the social network.

The message continued, “as I told them, I could only pay 150 thousand colones, and they want to take away my car and remove me from Uber, I was misinformed and now they are looking for the car and me. I apologize to my family and friends for what I am going to do, but I am tired and I no longer want to continue, I want to rest.”

Last wish

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In his publication Sánchez indicated his last wish “I want my girlfriend to move on, I cut my beard and hair a little bit. She has always been with me for everything. Do not take anything from my house, everything I have I leave to her, and these days Uber has to deposit me, that money is not much, it is about 25 thousand colones, I want her to take it.”

He concluded his farewell saying “I want to apologize to my daughters for what I am going to do, but it is for my own good, I am tired of everything. I love them very much and I always carry them in my heart and wherever I go I will take good care of them. Sorry God I know I’m doing wrong withwhat I’m going to do, but sorry. Thanks to all my friends for everything we shared together, goodbye and thanks.”

It is worth mentioning that his fellow taxi drivers at the Juan Santa María International Airport in Costa Rica paid tribute to Sánchez without breaking the sanitary protocols and made a symbolic stop of their activities. In addition, they all collected money for the funeral expenses of their former partner.

The importance of seeking psychological help

The spokeswoman for the College of Professionals in Psychology of Costa Rica, Jackie Secades, commented: you have to pay attention to the words or expressions of the people, since not all of them openly say that they want to attempt against their lives, so you have to learn to read between lines.

As prevention against the presumption that a loved one or friends would be facing such a situation, the first and most important thing is to ask them directly, since this could open up to those who think they are self-eliminating the space they desperately need and thus know how urgent the matter is and how could you help them.

People are afraid to ask that question because they believe that if they do, it is inciting or as if they could plant the idea in someone’s head and that is incorrect, said the psychologist, who stressed, “what should never be done is to remain in doubt, since acting at the right time could change the outcome of that individual”.

If you feel that you cannot cope with your problems, whether they are personal, financial, family, relationships or of any other kind, we recommend you seek help from a specialist, this will allow you to find the solution to your problems.

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