Discover the Benefits of Juice Therapy

Juice therapy consists of making the most of the liquids or juices that each of the fruits and vegetables naturally possesses. The advantage of juice therapy relies on that consuming fruits and vegetables in liquid form guarantees that its properties go directly to the bloodstream, which increases the body’s purifying and detoxifying capacity. So that they contribute all their vitamins and minerals to our body to achieve balanced nutrition and even cure physical ailments.

The liquid base of the smoothie juice therapy.

Water is the fundamental component of the smoothie, in abundant quantity, it can make you feel totally satisfied, and at the same time maintain their flavor and nutrients.

Orange juice is another base to prepare smoothies with a sweeter flavor; it always depends on the ingredients that are used to carry out the juice therapy.

Liquefying juice therapy.

Consider that the blender is a key part of the juice therapy to obtain a good preparation since it is responsible for extracting all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables so that its consistency is the lightest and most drinkable. A high power blender could be used to optimize the extraction.

The advantage of juice therapy.

For those days when you’re on the run with lots of things to do, a smoothie can provide a large number of nutrients and energy so you can give your body what it needs. And best of all, you can take the juice therapy wherever you want.

Even better, green juice therapy.

Like fruits, vegetables can have a place of honor in our juices, contributing to good nutrition and enhancing the capacity of this therapy to detoxify the body and increase energy levels.

These are some of the benefits of juices in improving people’s health:

Although it sounds incredible, some common illnesses can be alleviated if juices are included in the diet, take advantage of the virtues of fruits and vegetables and combine them appropriately creating rich combinations that, in addition to providing great benefits to the body, refresh with their delicious flavor.

Bone aches.

It is recommended to consume vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage since they are rich in calcium, mineral sources, and vitamins that strengthen bones.


5 carrots washed and peeled and lined in sticks.

4 cabbage leaves.

4 sprigs of parsley

½ apple cut into slices.



Process the carrots, cabbage leaves, parsley, and apple in the blender with a little water. It is recommended to take this juice every day.

Digestive problems.

All juices containing apples are great for alleviating digestive ailments


120g of fennel.

3 apples finely sliced.



Process the fennel in the extractor and add the apple slices and blend with water.

For insomnia.

Juices containing celery help maintain the balance between sodium and potassium, which helps improve sleep.


4 apples.

2 branches of celery.



Process in the blender, 4 apples, water, and 2 sprigs of celery and water serve immediately.

Juice therapy can be taken to prevent diseases and cleanse the body. Follow it and reap the benefits.

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