Decree Modifying Vehicle Circulation Restrictions Was Published With Incorrect Data

This past Monday 10th the decree that modifies the vehicle circulation restriction was published in the Official Gazette, however, the document includes different parameters from those announced at a press conference on the weekend.

“There was an error”, the Ministry of Health indicated, because it was announced that during the weekends a unified vehicular restriction norm was maintained at the national level, allowing the circulation of plates finished in an odd number during Saturdays and even numbers during Sundays, however, what is published is different.

What has been published (and in force), indicates that the cantons in orange alert would also have different restrictions on weekends, making it possible to circulate with plates finished in even numbers on Saturdays and odd numbers on Sundays.

“They tell me that there was an error that is currently being corrected. The respective entities are already working on the modification”, indicated in the Health Minister through its press office.

As of this Monday 10th , a different vehicle circulation restriction between cantons with orange and yellow alerts comes into force, that is, a driver with his car enabled to circulate in the yellow zone cannot do it in the orange zone (and vice versa) because he will be sanctioned. This is due to the fact that the plates enabled to circulate in a yellow zone, are the same that are prohibited to do so in an orange one (and vice versa).

As announced by the authorities, this differentiated restriction applies from Monday to Friday, however, the published decree extends its application to weekends (this is the part to be corrected). The vehicle restriction schedule, if it is the same at the national level, then traffic impediment remains from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. There are exceptions to this for border areas.

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