Deciding on a CMMS Software Solution – Few Vital Questions to Ask

Ending up with the right CMMS solution which is perfectly appropriate for your business is easier said than done. Every business is unique and all maintenance departments don’t perform similar tasks. While some might lack a conventional maintenance department altogether, some others may focus more on corrective maintenance instead of preventive maintenance solutions.

If you’re trying your best to determine the specific requirements of your business and which CMMS fits in best with the workflow of your organization, this can soon become stressful. By asking the best questions and ending up with the best solution for your company, you can transform the entire look and feel of your business by increasing its productivity manifold. Let’s check out the guide to choosing the best CMMS for your business.

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Vital things without which you shouldn’t go shopping for CMMS

  • Gather a team for selection of CMMS: Before you go about hunting for the best solution for your organization, you should get hold of a number of stakeholders. Watch out for those who are already working in the maintenance department.
  • Analyze and state your requirements: Analyze and decide on the features which you will need to transform the entire maintenance management to the software solution. In case you are someone who is replacing your present CMMS, take into account those jobs which your present CMMS is not letting you automate.

Few basic questions to ask any CMMS vendor before taking the plunge

  • Will they offer a demo? Don’t ever take a plunge into some software system without testing it. Only go for it when the vendor invests his time in demonstrating the software so that you know your company is in safe hands. Cautiously check out the main features of the CMMS as per your needs.
  • Which industry is the niche of the software? There are some CMMS solutions which are designed to cater to a specific kind of business. So remember that small business firms and nonprofits don’t share the same goal.
  • Is CMMS user-friendly? The key to impressing client is usability. You will probably not find any ROI (return on investment) when you’re wasting your money and dollars struggling to come to terms with the disease. This software solution is not only catered to meet the needs of the tech-savvy people but it’s meant for everyone. Few ground level managers should always be available.
  • Is it pre-installed or web-based? If you opt for web-based CMMS solution, it will probably be hosted by the same provider somewhere from their own data center. Users have to seek easy access to it through the internet. On the other hand, the installed CMS is entirely hosted on a site which implies that there won’t be anyone to manage the hardware of the company.
  • Is the price structure of the solution clear? Don’t go for software that has hidden fees and even if you do, make sure you ask the vendor to tell you about their fee structure. Tell them about the requirements of your company and also mention the rate structure which you expect.

Even though you think you’re pretty tech-savvy, you might still need the help of an experienced CMMS vendor who has knowledge and ability to tell you everything on the usage of it. Support is usually something which businesses expect very rarely until a big damage is caused to their software. If you think you’re still in the dark, figure out something for your company and get CMMS done to reap its multifarious benefits

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