The Costa Rica News (TCRN)-Costa Ricans believe that their priorities after 2015 are the creation of decent jobs, greater safety and better public education, according to a national poll made ​​by the UN.

Costa Rica was one of the 88 countries selected by the UN to build the Post 2015 Development Agenda to renew the Millennium Development Goals.

The results of this consultation were presented yesterday and they show that Costa Ricans crave for a safer and more engaging country, with better infrastructure, decent work opportunities and with no discrimination.

The poll report, conducted among more than 1,500 Costa Ricans, reveals that access to decent jobs, safe communities, better public health services, more and better education, support to small businesses, creation of spaces for recreation and impartial treatmet are what citizens mot long for.

In addition, the expectations of almost half of Costa Ricans are not very optimistic in areas such as the possibility of having their own home. Currently, according to the survey, the main problems are corruption, insecurity and unemployment.

The results of this poll will be discussed at the next UN General Assembly in September, and will be the basis to create the next post-2015 development agenda.

The Costa Rica News

San Jose, Costa Rica


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