Costa Rican Police Force Successfully Completes Koban Training Program in Brazil

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    Officers from the Costa Rican Police Force successfully completed 15 days of Koban System training in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as part of the new Community Police Strategy that will be implemented in the country in the following weeks.

    Koban system originated in Japan, and it provides local residents with safety and peace through daily contacts of police officers with residents in the area. Its success depends on the human relationship between the police officers and the community people.

    Koban system is currently being implemented in different countries around the world with great success, which motivated the Costa Rican Police Force to learn about the advantages of using this police system.

    For that reason, officers from several regions of the country as well as members of the Police Preventive Programs traveled to Brazil to undergo the training. These officers will be in charge of training the rest of officers in the country.

    The strategy seeks to provide solutions to community problems through preventive actions.

    According to Martha Lucia Cardenas, one of the officers who attended de program and agent of the Border Police from the Chorotega region, the strategy is very important to educate the public and the police force about the importance of cooperation in solving community problems.

    The notable efforts of Cardenas during the training earned Costa Rica an honorable mention between the five Central American countries that participated in the program.

    “I felt a lot of satisfaction and pride…when I was called forward to receive the first place among the regions of Costa Rica, ” said Cardenas.

    Costa Rica ranked among the best three countries that participated in the training.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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