Costa Rican Indigenous Women

    Learned About Solar Power in India

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    They created a project that can serve as an energy alternative for the indigenous communities in Costa Rica

    In 2016, four Costa Rican women traveled to India to learn about solar energy. The project involved getting acquainted with that kind of technology as well as the construction of solar panels to bring into the country.

    The women traveled to India thanks to a scholarship. The Minister of Foreign Relations said that they provided the scholarship for the girls to enroll in a Solar Engineer Plan in one of the most important cities of India, Rajasthan for a period of six months.

    Their names are Martina Caballero, Lucía Montezuma, Ovidia Caballero and Agripina Montezuma. They will be part of the prestigious student body of the Barefoot College Institute. The name of the course promoted by this education center is Solar Lighting program.

    They reside in a rural Southern town, Punta Burica. In the course, they were taught about how to build a solar-powered device to produce electricity. Now, they are planning to test solar technology in their communities.

    As India is a country plenty of rural areas, the college organized a program to help the participants use eco-friendly technology in their towns. They want to reduce the impact of carbon emission in places that are not so populated. According to the college Dean, the goal is also to boost employment, raise salaries and the application of green solutions.

    The Minister also added that granting scholarships to women is a way to recognize the contribution of the woman figure in the Costa Rican society.

    Solar Lightning Project

    The Ministry of Foreign Relations and other organizations got together to coordinate a solar panel construction plan to provide electricity to the aboriginal communities.

    Minister Gonzalez is looking to replace the current technology for the green one. Nowadays, Costa Rica has been working on the project with the aid of foreign companies since last year.

    Below, a video related to the course given by the Barefoot College Institute.

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