Costa Rican Hotels Are Ready to Implement Tourism 4.0

Given the gradual start for the reopening of the tourism sector and the de-confinement of the population; many will choose to take short vacations to “catch a breath” and thus lower the levels of stress and anxiety that the Pandemic has brought. The Tourism sector as such must be prepared for zero contact with its visitors; in a scenario that has accelerated the digitization process of companies.

That is why the hotels and other tourist accommodations that will be most desired by the visitors will be those that manage to offer their services with non-tactile methods, digital menus, keyless access to rooms and other services, and without having to go through the reception desk or with touching physical items.

Hotels in recent months have been creating ways to provide a digitized service for their commercial activities such as beverage, and food service menus, spa, and tours with QR codes. In this way, guests do not have contact with physical menus and can see the options from the cell phone. Also, they have implemented that the keys to the rooms have codes so that they can be passed to the phones at any time.

Between the end of the quarantine and the arrival of a vaccine, we will be living with this new normality, where safety and health are going to take the greatest relevance, and the key for hotels will be to provide security and contactless technological tools for customer peace of mind. As well as, continuing to be a place of recreation, relaxation, and excellent care.

It is for this reason that during the last month’s many lodgings has made an effort to develop QR codes for all their services so that customers are sure that everything possible is being done for their well-being. Without a doubt, new technologies and their application in the hotel sector will help to get closer to the so-called tourism 4.0, where now “the Smart Hotel” is one that allows you to carry out all your actions from a Smartphone.

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