Costa Rica Will Produce 13 Thousand Face Shields For Health Sector Workers

Costa Rica Will Produce 13 Thousand Face Shields For Health Sector Workers

It was recently announced that the National Learning Institute (INA) began manufacturing 13,000 Face Shields, with the aim of collaborating in the production of personal protective equipment for officials of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

The manufacturing process will be carried out in the 3D Modeling and Printing Laboratory, Innovatio, located at INA headquarters, and will count with the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team that brings together teachers from areas such as the Metalworking, Graphic and Plastic Industry; as well as the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC), that developed the design.

This project is part of the actions promoted by the Local Supply Initiative for Personal Protective Equipment (ALEPP), an alliance formed by INCAE Business School, LEAD University, The Technological Institute of Costa Rica and the Chamber of Industries, for responding to the requirements of the CCSS in personal protective equipment.

The manufacture of face shields represents for INA the opportunity to continue collaborating with the different needs posed by the health emergency due to COVID-19. In the medium term, it also opens the possibility of transferring knowledge to the local market, since the design was approved and endorsed by the corresponding health authorities.

Costa Rican talent

Costa Rica Will Produce 13 Thousand Face Shields For Health Sector Workers
Andrés Valenciano Yamuni / Photo: La Nación

INA Executive President Andrés Valenciano Yamuni explained: “Developing the manufacturing process in this project once again shows not only the institutional commitment to the national emergency, but also the response capacity and talent of our technical team to design a production process, which could later be transferred to the business sector through training, which would also help to revive the economy. “

Jorge Chaves, Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension of TEC, commented that the start of this production allows supporting the public health system and fulfilling one of the purposes of TEC, which is to create and adapt the technology necessary for the development of the country and contribute in solving national problems.

“This is one more example of how the alliance between public and private institutions works. With great effort and dedication, the TEC staff works on the designs for new prototypes that, like the face shields, will be open source, that is, they are free to use in Costa Rica and beyond our borders.” Jorge Chaves pointed out.

The Innovatio Laboratory staff carried out tests and adjustments to establish an agile and efficient manufacturing process, which includes the use of laser cutters, dyes and Computerized Numerical Control machines, in order to provide a high quality product.

Costa Rica continues to demonstrate to the world that only united with effort and dedication can all the obstacles that society confronts in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic be overcome.

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