Costa Rica Proposes Reduction in CABEI Directors Salaries

Several governors of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) have two months as of today for issuing a technical criterion on Costa Rica’s request to reduce the salary of its directors and put it to a vote.

The president of CABEI, Dante Mossi, revealed that they created a committee, made up of several governors, who will have the mission of analyzing the request formally presented by Costa Rica this Thursday at the General Assembly of Governors, which seeks to reduce by 34 percent the salary of the 15 directors of the regional financial entity.

When announcing the Tico proposal this previous week, President Carlos Alvarado pointed out that: “I have proposed to the presidents of the countries represented in CABEI, following the efforts made since July 2018, the reduction of the remuneration received by the directors of each country in the institution”.

Giving the right message

In a region with so much need and in times of Pandemic, we must give a message of austerity in the use of the resources of the Central American people; Alvarado pointed out and assured that he was certain that these distortions, which are a clear risk, must be corrected and inconsistency with CABEI’s founding principles and purposes.

He stressed that the credibility of this important institution, and its public policies towards the common good, should not be delegitimized by disproportionate remuneration about the selection criteria, the responsibilities of the directors, and the socio-economic conditions of the region.

Today more than ever, the peoples of the CABEI partner countries require concrete demonstrations that show clarity in the face of the challenges imposed by the economic and social recovery as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, he said.

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