Costa Rica is Considered the Most Beautiful in the World

The exuberant beauty from coast to coast, beaches, mountains, animals and volcanoes to a position as the number one country in the list of countries that are considered the most beautiful in the world.

Traveling to Costa Rica is an adventure that can be as extravagant, natural and fun as desired. For something, it is like one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a consequence of the quality of its tourism, its commitment to caring for the environment and especially for its people. Our country is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, first-class cuisine, lots of dancing and effusiveness.

It is easy to be considered the most beautiful country in the world when surrounded by misty waterfalls, deserted beaches, and protected forests. More than a quarter of Costa Rica enjoys a form of environmental protection.

The transformative power of culture.

Costa Rica believes that culture opens a world of possibilities to the growth of citizens, so it promotes in its society constant respect and passion for its heritage, in addition to its dissemination events.

The traditional dance of the country is the Guanacastecan point, a loose dance in a couple that is said to be the Costa Rican version of the popular payada in countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina. This is a mixture of the Spanish copla and the Colombian trova with small recited verses that interrupt the music spontaneously.

His most iconic folk music is based on influences from different parts of the world. Guanacasteca that has Yucatecan currents and uses many percussions those of the Central Valley, which has European influence and uses air instruments such as trumpet and saxophone; the puntarenense that is very similar to the Colombian cumbia; Limonense Caribbean, with Afro-Antillean carnival characteristics; and to the Amerindian, used to accompany ceremonies and dances for the deities.

Year after year the country promotes the realization of art and culture festivals, among its festivals, they also promote book fairs, local product fairs, and other artistic entrepreneurship programs.

The tico government has a National System of Musical Education since the one that forms the musical education to children and young people of diverse communities. This is aimed at the fact that this organization is in addition to students learning to play an instrument that is linked to orchestras, bands, and musical groups from around the world.

Jungle beaches and volcanoes … Biodiversity everywhere

The wealth of Costa Rica is explained by its privileged geographical position. Located between the continental masses of North and South America, it represents an important bridge for several fauna and flora.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy through the conservation area is responsible for preserving a total of 11 conservation zones throughout the National territory.

Guanacaste Costa Rican reflex

Rio Celeste Waterfall photographed in Costa Rica.

One of the best places to visit in Costa Rica in the province of Guanacaste, known for its beaches, biodiversity, and places to practice water sports. Some of the recommended months in this area are the following.


A tropical paradise with modern development and at the same time with historical sites and lots of nature. It has a wide variety of activities such as sailboat and kayak tours as well as sport fishing tours. On the outskirts, there are horse and bike rides and other activities such as rafting, hiking, and golf.

Palo Verde National Park

During the period from September to May, this area has the largest number of waterbirds in the Mesoamerican region. These birds gather in the lagoons and different areas of the National Park.

People different principles

Entrepreneurship education and culture of environmental care are values ​​that characterize the ethical society to travel to your country are to enter a mentality of struggle, push and a lot of work, which is reflected in provinces, clean cities and suitable for receiving many visitors.

To conclude our country has achieved many things since leaving the war and embarking on its path to national welfare half a century. However, there are many pending challenges (from violence prevention to increasing income equality) until it is an all-green country and truly considers in all its aspects the most beautiful in the world.

To create the kind of sustainability that fundamentally links human, social and environmental development, there must be cooperation between science, education and citizen activism.

This is how we can define the meaning of happiness and beauty in Costa Rica and anywhere in the world.

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