Costa Rica Implements New United Nations Program to Mitigate Climate Change

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Costa Rica announced that this week it will launch the Adaptation Fund of the United Nations with the inception of projects that mitigate climate change, which is funded with $10 million.

    At a press conference, the Costa Rican Minister of Environment and Energy, René Castro, said that they will take into account projects that reduce vulnerability in critical sectors such as agriculture, water resources and coastal and marine areas.

    “The funds will be used to finance smaller players, such as cooperatives, ROASTED (rural water supply), NGOs and other entities that can invest in activities such as infrastructure and training so that the impact of climate change is reduced,” Castro said.

    Each project must meet certain requirements and resource policies, which will be implemented by the NGO Fundecooperación for Sustainable Development.

    “We will not start researching the negative effects of climate change, since these effects are already known, but we want to make plans for reducing its capacity,” said the director of Fundecooperación, Marianella Feoli.

    The evaluation and selection process starts next Friday and goes through March 25.

    After that, Costa Rica’s selected proposals will be submitted for approval for the Adaptation Fund, and the initiatives are planned to begin in 2015.

    As reported by Castro, other countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Indonesia, Vietnam and Central African countries have also requested this type of financing, but still have not received.

    Costa Rica, a country of 4.7 million people and 51,100 square kilometers, is home to 4.5% of the world’s global biodiversity and aims to be carbon neutral country by 2021. (ACAN-EFE)

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose Costa Rica

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