Costa Rica Has One of the First Convention Centers in the World to Create an AI Assistant

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    Today, artificial intelligence continues to advance in leaps and bounds, redefining interaction with the digital world. GrupoHeroica, operator of the Costa Rica Convention Center (CCCR), is proud to announce a significant milestone in its service offering by presenting AsVi, an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant created with the purpose of exponentially increasing the efficiency and quality of services. of the same.

    «At GrupoHeroica we are always seeking to innovate in all our processes. That is why AsVi marks a milestone for our organization, managing to use artificial intelligence as a tool to improve the efficiency and quality of services, positively impacting the experience of our clients, in this case the first implementation will be in the CCCR and later in our other operations,” stressed Juliana López, President of GrupoHeroica.

    With AsVi, collaborators can interact via text using the company’s internal communication platforms and personalized applications, which makes its use even easier, taking into account two important functions:

    Increased Quality

    That is, functions related to the Quality Management System. AsVi provides instant and real-time information about specific processes and procedures within the Convention Centers managed by GrupoHeroica. In addition, it can help collaborators solve problems or challenges related to quality management and provides quick access to instructions and documents related to this system….

    Augmented gastronomy

    Functions related to gastronomy. AsVi has been trained in the field of gastronomy, in line with the National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Costa Rican Gastronomy (PNGSS), and has become familiar with the current structure of the convention center menus, with the fruits and vegetables of Costa Rica season. This translates into a valuable resource for collaborators, as they can use this platform to create menu proposals that perfectly align with PNGSS principles. This initiative not only promotes sustainability and health, but also offers customers exceptional and personalized culinary options.

    «We are convinced that we are changing our industry by providing our clients with increased quality by offering our collaborators this valuable tool that will enhance their performance and improve the experience of our everyone at the Costa Rica Convention Center. Furthermore, its high adaptability allows it to be trained to fulfill a wide range of additional purposes in the near future,” said Álvaro Rojas, Manager of the Costa Rica Convention Center.

    The National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Costa Rican Gastronomy is an initiative that seeks to promote the use of local ingredients, encourage sustainable practices in the production and consumption of food, and promote a healthy and balanced diet in the country. The Costa Rica Convention Center has assumed a commitment to these principles and works actively to promote them among its collaborators and visitors.

    “In the CCCR’s gastronomic offer, special importance has been given to the incorporation of local and sustainable ingredients. This has been achieved through various actions and practices, some of which include selection of local suppliers, seasonal menus, sustainable agriculture, use of seasonal products, promotion of sustainable fishing, waste reduction, among others,” concluded Álvaro Rojas, Manager of the Costa Rica Convention Center.

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