Costa Rica Exhibition Celebrates 150 Years of StampsThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)  – To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first stamp produced by Costa Rica, today marks the first national stamp collection exhibition, which was organized by FENCORI.

In addition to the exhibition and conference, which will conclude on Thursday, the stamps will be part of a competition in which a jury of seven experts in the field will analyze, judge and qualify collections of contestants from various countries.

The first stamps of Costa Rica, in the exhibition were made in 1863, one year after Nicaragua had its first postage stamp and 23 years after the first stamp was printed in Britain in 1840.

The juror of the competition, Costa Rica’s Enrique Bialikamien stated that stamp collecting is a hobby, “that has taken great care in its development.”

The collector also said that Costa Rica is internationally recognized and has received awards in various international exhibitions.

The first post office in Costa Rica opened its doors in 1849, which means that the country took 14 years to produce its first stamps. (EFE)

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

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