Costa Rica Declared the Only Central American Country with Low Risk for Conflict in 2014

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – This information was revealed by the prestigious British Economist in its annual report on “Risk of social conflict in 2014,” the situation in which 150 countries were evaluated based on a series of data such as their governments, ethnic tensions and inequality income, among others.

    It promises to Latin America a year of uprisings, protests and conflicts associated with processes and political decisions.

    “Declining revenues and rising unemployment are not always followed by conflict. Of particular importance seems to be the erosion of trust in government and its institutions: a crisis of democracy,” The Economist said in the report.

    The risk of conflict is defined as “events that pose a serious threat to governments and the existing political order.”

    Costa Rica is in the count, but it is the only country in Central America that appears to have a low risk of conflict in 2014, but that does not mean it is exempt. Regionally, only Chile and Uruguay are low level overall.  Other low risk countries from around the world include Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, United States, Iceland, New Zealand, Poland, Czech Republic, among others.

    Most Central Americans were in the box of high risk, which included nine in Latin America: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Brazil, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, and Peru.

    Only El Salvador, has a medium risk conflict for next year.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose Costa Rica

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