The Costa Rican Health Minister Daniel Salas reported that after 28 days of isolation in a special care center for people tested positive with COVID-19, a total of 23 people from the community of La Carpio, in the northwest sector of San José, managed to overcome the Coronavirus. This thanks to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) that has been recognized worldwide as an excellent universal health system that ensures the well-being of the nation’s inhabitants.

The Costa Rican strategy to avoid contagion outbreaks is isolation of suspected cases in specialized health centers conditioned to treat COVID-19 positive patients. As well as testing all people that present symptoms.

Currently Costa Rica continues to be one of the countries with the lowest number of deaths from COVID-19, in the region. The president of the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Care (CNE) Alexander Solís stated: “This success includes having these specialized centers for the care of patients with COVID-19, protecting both the patients and the community, reflected in the cessation of contagion by reacting immediately with isolation and attention of cases.”

It is for this reason that the CNE and the Ministry of Health continue to install care centers in different parts of the country to minimize the spread of the Virus and keep people safeguarded in the places where they live.

Among the country’s important preventive measures is a well-coordinated organization with experience in health, waste management, and deep disinfection in order to avoid exposure of the community and also health care and essential workers. Also making sure that those people infected with COVID-19 are located in special installations, to avoid contagion of their families and neighbors.
General COVID-19 data
So far in Costa Rica, 387 cases recovered are women and 407 are men. By age, there are 698 recovered adults, 40 older adults, and 56 minors. And to date, there have been a total of accumulated tests (which includes discarded, confirmed, reconfirmations, follow-ups, etc.) is 32,801.

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