Costa Rica bets on modern treatment to reduce Cancer Mortality

    Increasing significantly the survival rate for patients

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    Costa Rica has recently acquired a modern cancer treatment equipment, being it a particle accelerator that allows the production of radioisotopes. It is the first cyclotron to reach Central America and is located at the University of Costa Rica.

    This modern equipment is a particle accelerator that makes it possible to produce radioisotopes that will later be used by national scientists to make radiopharmaceuticals. These radiopharmaceuticals are given to cancer patients, who will then undergo a PET CT scan. The image obtained allows the detection of tumors of up to two millimeters. This treatment is already provided in the country and the results are encouraging.

    The manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals by the University of Costa Rica will have a great impact for the country, since currently the center that offers this treatment must import the product.

    More patients to be treated

    The patients will be the beneficiaries, since the study is a guide for the doctor to choose the best treatment for each case. This will also represent a decrease in costs. In addition, the type of pathologies can be expanded. This center has the capacity to serve 50 patients per week, but as of next year the University of Costa Rica will enable the treatment with capacity for 30 more patients per day.

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