“Costa Rica Artesanal” Seal Certifies Excellence and Authenticity of National Artisan´s Production

Alberto López, General Manager of ICT / Photo: larepublica.net

Guaranteeing quality, good environmental practices, and authenticity when buying Costa Rican handicrafts is the objective of the Costa Rica Artisan Seal, developed through an inter-institutional collaboration between the MEIC, the Ministry of Culture, the ICT and the INA.

And it is that the launch of this stamp comes to help hundreds of artisans who have been impacted by the increase in foreign imitations of Costa Rican crafts. Therefore, this seasl guarantees the authenticity of the piece and, in addition, gives added value to the country’s artisan products.

“From now on, both national and foreign tourists will be sure that they will buy a 100% Costa Rican product, made in an artisanal and non-industrial way,” said Victoria Hernández, Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce.

Likewise, it seeks to stimulate national and international consumption, since this certification gives a competitive advantage in the export of handicrafts. The label has the support of the ICT through training for artisans, as well as efforts to sensitize the Costa Rican population about the local acquisition of handicrafts

“More and more tourists are interested in the authenticity and particularity of each artisan artifact (…) That is why we believe that these products have their unique history, that evoke emotions and feelings, and that reflect the idiosyncrasy and culture of Costa Rica, and so must be promoted as such,” said Alberto López, General Manager of ICT.

Although 40 artisans already have the seal, there are still more than 4 thousand artisans in the country outside of this certification. Therefore, the institutions call on the artisanal population to join this initiative, since it is the starting point to strengthen and build articulated work between the artisan union and the Government. By registering, artisans will also begin to be part of the Virtual Catalog of Crafts, which will be distributed in different worldwide channels.

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