Costa Rica Alert: Coronavirus, the world wants to wake up from this nightmare

The Covid-19 virus that started in late 2019 from Wuhan-China has become the worst nightmare for the world.

The symptoms of the virus are in many cases similar to those of a cold but may be accompanied by fever and fatigue, dry cough and dyspnea (shortness of breath).

The Coronavirus, as it is also known, arrived in Latin America, putting countries such as Peru, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, among others.

Recently, cases were known by people who arrived in Latin American countries, from other nations that had already reported cases.

It turns out that the Ministry of Health in Costa Rica, reported that the first case in the country has already been confirmed, and is a woman who has 49 years of American origin. He arrived as a tourist.

The citizen is together with her husband isolated in a hotel in the capital, San José.

In this regard, the other two possible cases in Costa Rica were ruled out upon receiving the laboratory results.

The Ministry of Health contacted the airline to request the information of the 157 passengers and crew who were traveling on the flight with the suspicious patients – discarded – to confirm that they did not present any symptoms.

The Ministry of Health of Colombia confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the country. A 19-year-old patient, from Milan-Italy, who presented symptoms and went to receive medical assistance, where they took the samples and confirmed the case.

The president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, announced that in his country they also identified the first case of covid-19.

More than 102,000 cases in 98 countries

China being the center country of the coronavirus outbreak, according to updated information 36 “imported” cases were reported.

Official data shows that those killed in China total 3,042 and the number of infected so far reaches 80,552 people.

All the deaths except one, counted in the island province of Hainan, were recorded in the province of Hubei, the focus of the epidemic, which accounted for 126 cases of the 143 new ones: up to 17 new infected were detected in the rest of China when in the day before they had only added five.

To date, 36 confirmed “imported” cases have been detected from outside the country.

For the Chinese Government, the main thing now is to “protect against the importation” of infections from other countries after the cases of COVID-19 detected in other continents.

A detailed balance

Infected worldwide: (World-99,772), (China-80,734), (Europe-6,323), (Spain-374); Deaths (World-3,405), (China-3,045), (Europe-167), (Spain-7); Cured (World-55,631), (China-53,956), (Europe-460) and (Spain-3).

In Spain, an 83-year-old patient died in Madrid. There are seven deaths in total.

Recent data offered by Health, raise the number of affected to 374. So far there have been seven deaths and 17 patients have been discharged.

The battle against the spread of the virus is centered on nursing homes and other places where the elderly are concentrated, a particularly vulnerable group as evidenced by the deaths in Spain. To prevent the spread of the epidemic among them, the Community of Madrid has decided to close, at least for a month, the centers where they meet and carry out daytime activities.

In France, schools and nurseries were closed in two departments of the country, because 9 people have lost their lives due to the coronavirus and 39 are in intensive care.

In the case of Italy, Civil Protection confirmed 778 new cases of infection recorded since Thursday, so the total number of positive coronavirus amounts to 4,636. Of these, 462 remain in intensive care; 2,394 are admitted with symptoms, and 1,060 are in home isolation.


There are at least 230 cases of coronavirus in 20 states and 14 deaths in the United States

President Donald Trump spoke about the signing of the law for the cost of the virus crown signed by him this Friday.

Data that have emerged at the level of business and the world economy

The APPLE Company asked its Silicone Ballet employees to work from home for Coronavirus.

Among other information, the credit rating agency Moody’s warned using a report that Japan, Germany, and Italy could go into recession in 2020 as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus on their economies.

“The total scope of the economic costs will not be clear for a while. Fears of contagion will affect consumption and business activity and, the longer it takes for households and businesses to recover normal activity, the greater the economic impact,” he explained. the agency.

In the meantime, it is necessary to keep calm, mainly adequate prevention in the world, to have constant hygiene in our hands, as the specialists have indicated, to use the masks, to avoid contact of hands, kisses with people.

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