Correos de Costa Rica Enables Sending Your Mail without Leaving Home

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    If you need to send a package through Correos de Costa Rica, as of this Tuesday, August 25, you can do so without leaving home and without making the usual in-person lines. The institution enabled the home collection service to send EMS National parcel or documentation.

    In other words, customers who need to carry out this procedure should no longer visit the office branches, but will be able to manage it through the Virtual Branch and a courier will be in charge of picking up the package.

    The collaborator of Correos de Costa Rica duly identified calculates the shipping rate according to the volume of the package and the destination adds the collection charge that will depend on the number of packages that the client sends and proceeds to charge by dataphone. The service charges (excluding VAT) are: 1 to 3 packages: ¢ 1,300, 4 to 6 packages: ¢ 1,500, 7 to 10 packages: ¢ 1,700, more than 10 packages: ¢ 1,900.

    New service offered

    “We are massively launching a service that until recently was only intended for corporate clients. In this way, any of our clients will have the possibility of requesting the collection of their packages at their home,” said Jorge Solano, general manager of Correos de Costa Rica.

    Once the package is picked up at the customer’s home, the courier delivers them to the nearest office for processing. From there, the regular delivery times for EMS shipments apply, ranging from 24 to 36 hours depending on the distance.

    This system is offered throughout all the national territory. “The service can be accessed through the Internet through the Virtual Branch of the Post Office. Customers will have the possibility, not only to request the collection but also to generate their own guide with which the package will travel throughout the process,” added Solano.
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