Come and Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches of Costa Rica

The Best Time To Travel To Costa Rica

The best time to travel to Costa Rica is from December to April, during the dry season there are few spots of rain during this time of year in the country, which will allow you to enjoy an excellent vacation on the beach or exploring its landscapes.

The Best Time To Go To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, curiously, being such a small country does not prevent you from having a very diverse climate, depending on the area of ​​the country you want to visit.

In other words, depending on our priorities when it comes to vacationing in Costa Rica, we will have a better time to visit it.

Things You Should Know When Vacationing In Costa Rica

It is important to note that Costa Rica is a country that rains all year round. But do not be scared because this circumstance does not become a problem since they are usually pleasant rains and that allows you to have the green and natural paradise aspect that the country has throughout the year.

 Costa Rica does not have a dry and wet season like other countries in the area. Taking this into account we will better understand how the weather behaves in Costa Rica.

The Temperatures In Costa Rica

Temperatures in Costa Rica can be kept fairly stable throughout the year, warm by day and dissenting at night, without reaching below 14 degrees Celsius.

So the coldest ones can choose to wear a jacket

Light for cool nights.

Except in the high mountainous areas higher than (700 meters of altitude) where if the temperature drop is greater, being able to reach 7 degrees Celsius in areas such as those of the Irazú volcano and the summits of Cerro Chirripio

The Best Time To Visit The Center Of Costa Rica

The central Costa Rican area including its capital, San José is known as the eternal spring. Due to the green color of its forests and its warm and pleasant temperature during the day.

 The higher the height concerning the sea level, the greater the probability of rain as well as the lower temperature, especially at night.

Rains are essential, they occur almost all year round, allowing forests and jungles to look like no other.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To The Beach Areas In Costa Rica?

If what we want is to enjoy the best Costa Rican beaches we have two options to visit:

Like the vast majority of Central American countries, the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean that bathe Costa Rica have two differentiated seasons.

The wet season runs from June to November. It is the time when there is more rain and throughout the year in Costa Rica. These precipitations come to be stormy in September and October.

It is also a favorable season for stronger winds, which attracts surfers at this time of year.

The dry season runs from December to May. It is the one that rains the least, even in this season, it can receive rain promptly at the end of the day. But they are pleasant rains that refresh the environment and are appreciated.

To conclude, choose one of these times to visit our country that is full of pure life for you.

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