The Government of China and the Government of Costa Rica continue to expand relations. The aeronautical authorities of China and Costa Rica signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to facilitate the establishment of air connections that promote tourism and trade between both countries.

This MoU was written and signed during the visit of President Laura Chinchilla, and the Minister of Tourism, Allan Flores, to China.

For Flores, this agreement represents the starting point for the successful promotion of tourism in both countries and also the strengthening this activity.

“These legal aspects between Civil Aviation of Costa Rica and the Civil Aviation Administration of China promote charter flights and regular services between both countries in order to facilitate economical and tourism exchange”, said Flores.

In addition to these negotiations on air services, the MoU includes aspects like the maintenance of operational and aviation security and cooperation agreements between the airlines.

Both parts agreed to promote alliances between airlines, including code-sharing agreements, which will guarantee unlimited cooperation between both nations.

Besides, Flores indicates that part of the main challenges of the tourism industry for attracting this market is ensuring air connectivity and preparing the sector to welcome and guide Chinese tourists in their language and with their customs, so that they see Costa Rica as a satisfactory option for vacationing.

This MoU is a previous step to the agreement on air services that is currently under negotiation between the Government of China and the Government of Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica