The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile and one of the busiest in the country, erupted this morning, creating spectacular lava shows and requiring evacuation in the surrounding areas.

The succession of orange explosions in from the crater lit up the clear night in southern Chile for about two hours and then begin to slow down.

After leading an emergency meeting in Santiago, President Michelle Bachelet moved to the town of Pucon, about 15 km away, to make an overflight of the volcano and lead emergency meetings with local authorities.

When the volcano erupted, the authorities arranged the evacuation of some 3,605 people from the towns of Pucon, Villarrica, Curarrehue and Coñaripe, located at the foot of the mountain.

After they activated the emergency fire alarms, thousands of people abandoned their homes to be located to safer areas.

The following video from 24 Horas CL is in Spanish, but provides impressive footage of the eruptions. (Amelia Rueda)